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Laptop Service


Chip Level Service:

At Repairz we provide all types of service support for laptop to our customers. We have experts for both hardware support and software support. Customers can avail walk in service or doorstep service.

Repairs provide basic services to Level 4 services. We have skilled, trained professionals to do chip level service.

We carry the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) method whenever we attend a laptop service call. We test and communicate the faults and available solutions to that to the customer. Our professionals either pickup the laptop or service at the customer place once the customer is agreed for the fix we suggest.

We also communicate the cause for the fault and educate the customers how to handle and use the laptops if they are unaware of them. It helps our customers to protect their laptops from similar damage in the future.

Mother board level services:

Instead of changing the entire mother board for major complaints, we try to do the chip level service and rectify the affected part alone. It saves our customers money upto 60%. Most of the major laptop faults under the Level 4 service. Some old models will not have the motherboards available in market. In those cases chip level service can recover the affected laptop. We do this service upto graphics processors.

We also do Graphics Processor Reballing, main processor change, Power IC Chip change, Charging Chip change, BIOS chip change, RAM slots change etc.

Display change:

The very common complaint occor with Laptops will be the Display. Broken display, Cracked display, Vertical lines, Horizontal Lines, negative image, dull image, double image, slow motion, no video, whites display, internal layer burnt etc occurs more often since the Laptops are mostly carried in a backpack to places.

Repairz handle all brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, ACER etc with quality and original spares. Normal faults we deliver in 90 mins time with the fix.

We do proper testing to ensure the fix is clear and deliver to our customers.

Hard disk change:

Another common failure with laptops are the Hard disk errors. Disk format error, unknown disk, booting issues are some of the reasons for failure hard disks. We replace with quality hard disks like Segate, WD, Toshiba etc with good warranty based on the product we choose.

We pay more attention while replacing the hard disk like input voltages, input signal paths etc to ensure that the new Hard Disk doenst get affected again if there are issues with signals and voltages. We do proper QC (Quality check) for Hard disk replacements before delivering to the customer.

Data backup / Data Recovery:

Many users face the problem of data corruption for variuos reasons and seek the experts for retrieving the data back. We have proper tools, techniques and software to recover the data from damaged hard disk and also to backup them

RAM change:

Another common issue occurs with RAM. Either to be upgraded or replace. RAM failures can be identified easily with beep sounds. System slow, no display, booting issue etc all happens due to RAM failure. At Repariz we prefer branded and matching RAM for any particular Laptop.

While doing RAM service we check the CPU clock pulse and clock speed to pick the right RAM. Many customers look to upgrade the RAM for better performance. We ensure analyse and choose the right RAM to increase the performance to the maximum.

Keyboard Change:

Keyboard problems arise after prolonged usage or water spilling, dust etc. We replace the keyboard set with the original and compatible one.

Battery change:

Choosing the right battery with ampere and voltage protects Laptop power circuit and lives longer. Proper usage of charging and discharging will make sure the laptop has more backup hours and battery lives longer.

Speakers/Mic Change:

Laptop speakers and mic rarely fail and we choose the original or quality compatible speakers and mic to bring the original quality after the service.

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