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Experienced professionals:

Repairz have an expert team of LED/LCD technicians who have more than 12 years of experiences.

Service head Mr. Mohammed was a senior service person with Sony for more than 8 years and also trained many professionals at Sony. He worked with Panasonic for 2 years as well.

We have pool of technicians who were also worked with major companies like Samsung / Lg / Onida / Philips / Micromax and more. Hence we have expert team to diagonalise any fault quickly. With multiple technical experts it becomes easy for us to handle any kind of LED/LCD TV models from basic ones to android and smart TVs.

We have services more than 10,000 Customers so far and got their satisfaction.

Services available:

We provide service at our centre and also on-site service

  1. We pickup the TV to our service point if the service need more technical tasks and testing
  2. We also provide on-site service if the process ins not tedious

Quick Service:

We offer Quick Service to our customers with our special team. We diagnose the fualts over phone first and give an estimation to the customer initially. On customer willingness we visit the site in 60 mins to check further and clearly explain the customer about the fault, the parts affcted and methods of resolving it with proper cost estimation.

If the customer approves the cost on the site, the team will fix the problem in 30 mins on site. We always have the regular spares which may cause trouble.

Else if the problem is critical and needed more time, we pick up the TV to the service point at FREE OF COST and fix the problem over there. We also perform various testing with advanced devices to make sure the problem doesnt arise again. A proper timeline will also be provided to perform all these tasks.

Once the service pass the QC (Quality Check), we deliver the TV at the customer place again at FREE OF COST

Genuine Spare Parts:

At Repairz, we use 100% Genuine Spare Parts.

We must satisfy ourselves with the quality of service before getting customer satisfaction.

We also prefer the updated version spares all time.

Why we prefer original spares over cheaper ones?

Most manufacturers design the TV with high quality with advanced technologies to be on top in the competition. So the parts will be designed in perfect voltages and amperes. So if we doesnt use the original ones we cannot produce the right result and performances. Also it makes the TV working life is good and long lasting without much trouble. Genuine parts also make the TV not malfunction again.

Free pickup and delivery:

Repairz have own vehicle and pickup teams and we provide FREE PICKUP and DELIVERY for all our customers. The pickup team is well trained to take care of the customer product safely and securely to the service point and back to the customer place. We have special boxes to match any size of TV to pack them safely during the time of transport.

The delivery team will fix the TV as it was previously and make all the connections properly and demonstrate all the functionalities of the TV to the customer until they are satisfied.

We also educate the customer how to handle the TV during power fluctuation, thunder storm and other emergency situations which can cause damage to the TV. This helps the customer to keep their TV safe and secure with long life.

Spare Warranty:

Repairz will give SPECIAL WARRANTY to all our services to the customers. We generally give one month warranty for the parts we have changed. We also fix the complaint at FREE of COST if the complaints repeat again.

Quality services:

Repairz have some of the best, trained and experienced TV technicians in Chennai.

Our turn around time for most of the fixes are just 90 mins. And the max time limit for other fixes will be 72 hrs.

If the TV is very old model and the spares are not available, we have the expertise to match the best available spares and fix the problem.

Basic to Smart:

We convert any basic model LCD / LED tvs to updated smart and Android TVs

Component Level Service:

Repairz also do component level service with special devices and testing. Thus we save the cost of customer in repairing the device.

Software update:

Repairz by default update the TV software for any service do. We also do software update for any model TV if especially needed.

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