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Broken glass change:
(Mobile display broken glass changing process )

We have special equipment, glass changing machines and skilled to change the top layer glass alone without changing the entire display.

It is an expense process and only trained service technicians can perform this. Repairz have both.

At Repairz we use special internal pasting layer sheets and good quality polarized sheets. We do glass laminate and de-bubble process to make it look like new display.

With these special equipment we do the glass changing service for most of the top brands mobiles like iPhone, Samsung, APPO, VIVO, RedMi etc.

Advantages of “broken glass change process”

1. Cheaper comparing to changing the entire display
2. Changing new display most of the time will not have the original clarity
3. Original display remains same
4. Original smoothness remains same
5. Some rare models displays are not available. In those scenarios this is very helpful

Broken display change:

At Repairz we change broken displays for all leading mobile models. We prefer 1st grade display glass and touches so it lasts long and the quality of touch and smoothness keeps the originality. Repairz also provides 6 months warranty for selected models

Sim slot service:

At Repairz we offer component level service so we change only the damaged part like changing the SIM slot alone instead of whole module. We are equipped with skills and tools to diagnose the faults at chip level.

Mother board service:

Repairz doing level 4 services (chip level service). We have chip work equipment and machines to change damaged ICs and damaged chips. The cost of chip level service is much lesser at around 60% than board changing. For some cases it is not possible and we change the entire mother board.

Level 4 service includes power IC, main processor and smd chips

Mic and speaker service:

The most common problem occurring across all models will be the Mic and speaker defects. We have stock of all the common genuine models and we guarantee the fix in 30 mins.

Charging connector service:

Another common occurring problem will be the charging connector issue. Most of the models will be micro usb types. At Repairz we stock the genuine parts for this issue. It has to be done carefully with quality parts as it may also affect the boards. We can fix these issues in 1 Hr time

Charging IC Service:

While using low-quality or unmatched chargers, mobile phones’ charging IC gets damaged. Only suited chargers should be always used. Manufacturers designed the mobile phone in order to match the battery voltage and charging circuit for better performance. If unmatched chargers are used, this will affect the charging IC. So it is highly recommended to use the original charger always .

Power IC Service:

The unmatched or poor quality chargers will also affect the Power ICs. At Repairz we use quality tools and spares to fix the Power IC issues perfectly matching the original working voltage.

Audio IC change:

Similarly poor quality headset usage will affect the socket and the Auido IC and the audio circuit. At Repairz can fix all types of Audio complaints too. Most of the audio chips are balling type and we have balling equipment, balling pastes, balling kits and balling work trained technicians.

Water damages:

Another very common issue arises due to water spill. We are using special liquids and high quality machines to track the cause of water damage in mobiles. Advanced techniques helps to completely remove all waters. We remove all water and fungus clearly from mobile mother board PCB to avoid corrosion. After we do anti corrosion process method to keep the mobile PCB corrosion free after service

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