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Refrigerator Service


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General Services and Cleaning:

Emptying the refrigerator contents, properly clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator
Cleaning the shelves, trays with warm water and safe cleaning solutions
Removing the handprints, spots or stains from the exterior part of the refrigerator by using safe & effective solutions

Compressor Services:

These are also known as Refrigeration Compressor Reconditioning Service that we offer to our most reliable clients. Our professionals efficiently do recondition of highly damaged products, thereby saving costs and time. We provide these services at most competitive rates. Offered services are highly reliable and known for their timely execution.

Gas Leaking fix & Gas Filling:

Detecting a freon leak in your refrigerator isn’t difficult to do, especially if the leak is fairly substantial. Freon has an odor distinctly different than the oxygen you breathe and can be detected quite easily. However, if you have a slow leak, this may be more difficult to detect. The best way to detect a leak is to contact a service repair person who can use specialized gauges to detect leaks. Because both Freon and tetrafluoroethane are compressed within the refrigerator pipes, a change in pressure will generally be fairly easy to detect.

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