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Repairz has an expert team of LED/LCD technicians who have more than 18+ years of experience in the TV Service field. Our Service head Mr. Mohammed was a senior service technician in the Sony tv service center in Chennai for more than 8 years and also trained many professionals at Sony. He worked with Panasonic tv service center in Chennai for 2 years as well.

We have a pool of technicians who were also worked with major companies like Samsung tv service center/ Lg tv service center/ Onida tv service center/ Philips tv service center/ Micromax tv service center and more. Hence we have an expert team to diagonalize any tv fault quickly.

With multiple technical experts, it becomes easy for us to handle any kind of LED/LCD TV service model from basic ones to android and smart TVs. We have serviced more than 30,000+ customers so far and got their satisfaction.

About Repairz

Max.80% work done complete at Door Step-In front of the customer

Repairz provides LED TV LCDTV Services at Doorstep in Chennai. When a customer calls and says about the fault we will explain the TV fault condition and give service suggestions via phone. When customer Book Service our Expert Technicians will reach the spot at a convenient time of customer to rectify the TV problem.

The defective part will be removed and shown in front of the customer and new spare part fixing will also show by the TV technician to the customer. Finally, our Servicer gives you some useful tips to protect your TV from problems and faults. By this useful tips customer saves their money and feels Happy with Repairz Servicing.

Supporting Standby TV to the customer

In case of any tedious issue on TV under problem, we pick up the Television from the Customer place with the Safety TV carry box by our own Team. Here Pick-up and Delivery charges are absolutely free of cost. Repairz provides Standby TV to the Customer for supporting them to watch their favorite programs. This keeps our customers happy and won’t be bored at all.

Now the TV set will be fixed and kept under observation when the testing process gets over. Our Delivery team will pack the LCD TV or LED TV in a Safety TV carry box and safely deliver and fix the set. Our TV Technicians clearly explains the Television to the customer and then we will get back the Standby TV from the spot.

70% spares availability in our Stores

Repairz Service Centre has Stores to keep up the LED TV LCD TV Spare Parts in Chennai. We purchase Spares in bulk for wholesale prices and kept it in order to provide the best TV Services. To avoid service delay because of demand in spare, we purchase the spares already and kept it safe in order to provide Customer  On-Time Service

  • Original LED TV LCD TV Spares
  • High-Grade Parts used.
  • Upgraded Spares only used
  • No low-Grade Spares are used.


Highly Reasonable Service Charges

Repairz provides TV Service Charges at a reasonable price when compared to other TV Service centers in Chennai. Since we buy Spares in bulk which so we get wholesale price Spare Parts in the market. This wholesale Spare price helps to support Very Reasonable prices to our customers.

We won’t advise our customers to spend much on the TV in very poor condition. Because  Money Earning is not our ultimate goal of Repairz. Giving proper Service Suggestions and support to our customers makes them more trustworthy on Repairz than before. This really helps them to not spend their money waste at any cost.

Repairz Covid-19 Safety Measures

In this lockdown period, people feel unsafe and uneasy to go outside and do Services. So Repairz decides to overcome the customers’ difficulty and provide Safe TV Services at Door Step in Chennai all over. Our TV technicians are well instructed to wear

  • Mask,
  • Gloves,
  • Full face Cover Glass
  • Sanitizers Often

To keep extra protection to the customers and ourselves from corona infection. We provided a Safety kit to our Technicians which contains a mask, Gloves, Full face Cover Glass, Sanitizer, thermometer. Finally knowing the body temperature normal we send our service person to the customer place.

So feel safe with Repairz service center.


30000+ Happy Customers

Repairz has serviced more than 30,000+ happy Customers so far and got their satisfaction and continuing our television services with consistent quality and passion from black and white TV to now trend LED TVs. We afford services with excellent customer support by providing television services updating to the consumer then and there needed. So our customer feel happy with us.

Expert Quality Technicians

Repairz have an excellent service team who previously worked in top companies such as Sony tv service center for more than 8 years, Panasonic tv service center for 2 years, Samsung tv service center for more than 7 years, Lg tv service center for more than 10 years, Micromax tv service center providing television repair with experienced senior service technicians. This seniority gives quick fault identification and on-time television repair and service.

Safe And Secure

We provide 90% genuine, original spares and 100% quality work. We just don’t try to change the complete module instead we do tv fault tracking till IC level with advanced tools and techniques. High-quality and updated version spares are used to rectify tv problems. No low-grade parts are used. During Delivery Technician provides TV Safety Tips to Customers which keeps their product  safe.

Repairz Team

Our Service Centre has excellent teams to perform the best quality service to our customers which is our ultimate goal. Technical team, Pick up and delivery team, Customer support team, and Marketing team. All our teams coordinate well and provide good consistent service is maintained by our service head.

Expert Technical Team

Repairz Service Head has 18+ years of experience in the tv service industry from black and white to now trend-led tv. Our Service Team consists of  Excellent Senior technicians who worked in top television brands in Chennai. Most Of Our customer’s tv repair completed Within 90 minutes. Our Tat Time is 72hrs and no outside vendors are Used. Our Technical team expert will explain the customer to have Quality Spare replaced in their TV Set rather than going for low-grade parts. Here using Original Quality Spare is advisable.

Customer Support Team

Excellent customer support with the help of the quality backend. This customer support team will update the status of TV condition to our customer which feels them worry-free and more trustworthy on our tv service center in chennai. When the customer agrees for the quote and tv services, as per the customer convenient booking time service provided on the door Step. Sometimes tv repair in the tv Service Centre.

Pick Up & Delivery Team

In Case of any tedious condition your TV needed to be serviced at our well-equipped television service center, we pick up your set from your place with our pick up and delivery team with the help of a safe TV carry box to our center. TV service is done appropriately and leaves under a testing process. When a set is ready our team will deliver your television with full safety.

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