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Led TV Lcd TV Service Center

LCD Television LED TV repair service center in Chennai since 2010  covering all around Chennai

Our certified tv service experts in Chennai recognize all kinds of tv faults. It may be No Picture, Audio Fault, Horizontal Lineson screen, Vertical Lines, or Picture Shaking etc…

Let the problem be anything, Don’t Worry!
Your tv is in safe hands, and we will bring your tv back to normal condition.

Genuine & original spares
  • As a part of quality pledge to our customers, we only use genuine and original spare parts for LCD/LED TV repairs.
  • We also only use updated and new versions of the spares when repairing the TVs instead of the old version spares.
90 Days service warranty
  • We provide 90 days of service warranty on any TV that gets repaired by us. If, by any chance, you will find a fault after we have fixed it, we will resolve the same problem-free of cost.
  • However, if it’s a complicated problem, we’re going to charge only spare costs with service charge free of cost.
Certified experienced technical team
  •  Once you step-in Repairz, be assured that your TV is in safe hands. All our staff are well trained and experienced in repairing all brands of LED/LCD TVs.
  • Please be aware that our staff has a strong record of working in top companies like Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic etc in Chennai.
80% Works complete front of the customer place
  • Repairz provides LED TV LCDTV Services at Doorstep in Chennai. When a customer calls and says about the fault we will explain the TV fault condition and give service suggestions via phone.
  • When customer Book Service our Expert Technicians will reach the spot at a convenient time of customer to rectify the TV problem.
  • The defective part will be removed and shown in front of the customer, and to ensure a comprehensive solution, the TV technician might recommend consulting with Rohrreinigung Wien, a specialist in pipe cleaning in Vienna, for any underlying issues that could affect the appliance. Subsequently, the new spare part fixing will also be demonstrated by the TV technician to the customer.
  • Finally, our Servicer gives you some useful tips to protect your TV from problems and faults.
Highly reasonable fixed price
  • Repairz provides TV Service Charges at a reasonable price when compared to other TV Service centers in Chennai.
  • Since we buy Spares in bulk we get wholesale price Spare Parts. This wholesale Spare price helps to support Very Reasonable prices to our customers.
  • We won’t advise our customers to spend much on the TV in very poor conditions.
  • Because Money Earning is not our ultimate goal of Repairz.
  • Offering proper Service Suggestions and Repair to the customer ensures that our customers do not spend their money unnecessarily. Integrating an app entwickeln lassen feature could serve as a vital assistant in app development, enhancing our ability to provide tailored solutions and repairs. This approach helps in maintaining cost-effectiveness and satisfaction for our clients.
Service Head

About Service Head

Our Service head Mr. Mohammed was a Senior Service Technician in the SONY Service Center in the Chennai Branch for More than 8 Years and also Trained many Professionals at the SONY

He also worked with the Panasonic Service Center in Chennai for 2 years

Come across so many services from major Brands Tv’s like Samsung, LG, TCL, Mi, Vu, Onida, Micromax, Intex, Haier, etc. 

LCD TV LED TV Repairz Service Center near Chennai started in 2010

So, He diagonalizes any TV fault very quickly and resolves it in a very Professional Way

LED TV LCD TV Common Problems

Some Television General faults and Causes

No Picture On Tv Screen

Due to a variety of reasons, including loose cable wire connections, input source issues, or a malfunctioning TV display...            Read more

No Power On Television

Caused by a disconnected power cord, a blown fuse, or a faulty power supply. Check the power source…             Read more

Stby Red Light Blinking

This issue typically indicates a power or internal system problem. It may require potentially repairing faulty TV componentsRead more

Double Image On Screen

This problem may be caused by signal interference, cable issues, a misaligned TV screen, or a weak panel issue…     Read more

Display Lines On Screen

Due to damaged cables, a failing graphics card, screen malfunction, or corrosion in  liquid crystal failure…  Read more


Sony Led Tv 6 Blinking

More Details

In this video we are going to see how to repair Sony led tv 32r302c 6x blinking problem and its solution without changing the mother board.

Onida lcd tv service

More Details

In this video you are going to learn How to repair ONIDA LCD TV in Tamil. TV power board service is explained in component level service

Samsung Led Tv Repair

More Details

In this video you are going to see about How to alter old Samsung led tv mother board to the latest mother board in Tamil

LED LCD Television Labour & Spare Cost

Some Of the TV Labour And Spare Cost

Frequently Asked Questions?

You may have queries regarding TV Repair like this 

How much charge for LED TV back light problem ?

We provide LED TV backlight services in a professional way. It depends upon the TV size, model, brand, etc., starting from Rs.1500 and varying by above mentioned features.

How much you collect for inspection charges ?

We collect charges for visiting and inspection together of Rs.250/- for a service. Repairz collects this charge for 32-inch TV service, 40 inches TV repair, 42 inches TV service … up to 55 inches TV service in Chennai.

Do you Collect Pick up and Delivery Charges ?

Repairz provides absolutely Free Pick Up and Delivery Charges around 5 kms. So we won’t collect any transport charges from the customer.

What is the payment mode in Your Service Center ?

We collect total charges after the completion of every service completion. You can pay by Cash or by various Online payment methods available.

How much time it will take to repair my TV

For common faults maximum of 2hrs time, and for chip-level TV complaints it will take a maximum 3 days

How many days LED TV service warranty ?

Our Service warranty covers 90 days

Deepan Juckler

Mohammad sir came and fixed it smoothly, He was highly skilled, The issue was resolved fastly and cleanly, Above all, if you are looking for a best TV service, U are on the right place

karthick rajan

My TV no video complaint I booked service for Repairz service center, Technician came and changed the backlight for my home. TV-ready within an hour Good Work.



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