In these modern days, people love to purchase the latest model LED TV in a trendy way according to their requirements. After some years, they find some tv faults
on their television which is quite a natural one. In this blog, we are going to see about How to test led tv backlight failure. There are some steps to follow to find these issues as follows.

Steps to identify Backlight problem

  • Easy guidance and know Startup and programming sound
  • Switch on your Led tv under doubt, Check whether standby indicator light appears. Release the standby with the help of the power button in the tv remote.
  • When you come to know the television is in power on condition (such as blue or green color light appears). Examine whether you hear startup sound or programming sound or not.
  • how to check led tv backlight problem
  • see whether power on light arises
  • Note: Startup sound – When we switch on the tv, for example, take Samsung led tv we hear a specific brand sound. Likewise, while we switch on some brand led tv,
  • we will hear that particular brand sound. This sound is called Startup sound.

Programming sound– When we switch on the set-top box remote in some set, we hear audio of set-top box demo channel sound arises at the beginning of a channel
programmed to sound like sun tv channel sound or Vijay tv channel sound, etc., This sound is called Programming sound.

Testing process for led tv backlight

  • While you are getting the above functions, make sure that your television area is darker for the testing process. (for example, switch off the lights, screen the windows, etc.)
  • Take a torchlight and place it directly and lightly on the television screen, operate the buttons on the tv remote control.
  • how to check led tv backlight problem
  • This how you have to place the torch.
  • Don’t use mobile light as this won’t work out to check the led tv backlight problem process.
  • In this condition of no image or no picture, for example, press menu button or volume button. Closely watch whether you can see the menu option or volume option
  • with the help of torchlight on your led tv display screen.
  • Change the channels and watch if any movement appears with the help of torchlight on your screen.
  • how to check led tv backlight problem
  • option pressed or movement appears like this
  • If you can see any option pressed or image movement, then we come to finally know that our product is under led tv Backlight problem.

What to do after led tv fault identification

Now after the conclusion of exact led tv backlight fault. Contact your trusted led tv service center rather than doing some adjustments in a set-top box or tapping the tv, which is not advisable.
These activities lead to another problem or fault in your beloved product.
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  Hence we can check the LED TV backlight problems easily from the above steps. This failure is simply solvable by led tv technicians and our money is worthy here. 

Instead of changing the whole television and wasting the money, you can go for this option.

 With no doubt, we get the same clarity while changing the led tv strips also as before and up to 3 years won’t get any strips fault. Among our journey of 10+ years of experience

in the led tv service field, we found this data. I hope this blog helps you to check the led tv backlight problem.