This blog helps you to know how to clean your led tv screen simply with the following instructions without harming the led tv screen. Usually Electronics product gets dust, oil,
etc., after some days of usage while in tv product we get dirt, moist, smudges, fingerprints, etc.,

Keeping the television product clean benefits you the clear picture and avoids some initial tv faults. Let us dive into the step by step instructions seen below.

Safety measures taken before cleaning the led tv screen

Turn off your led tv and unplug the television cable.
Let the tv, to become cool for cleaning (as the heat dissipates).
Don’t clean the led tv in standby condition which may result in shock or tv display damage.

Things needed to clean LED TV at home

Two Microfiber cloth or lint-free cloth.
Choose a quality led tv cleaner solution.
Two buds or cotton swabs(cleaning corner areas)

How to use Microfiber cloth to clean led tv screen

Take a dry microfiber cloth and keep it gently on the place you want to clean.
Wipe it gently in a circular manner. Make sure that you won’t press the screen too hard because it could be damaged.
By gentle way of cleaning with a microfiber cloth circularly benefits you in removing dust and fingerprints.

For Tough smudges

If your led tv screen gets tough dirt or smudges, use led tv cleaning solution.
Spray the solution on the mentioned cloth lightly.
Rub the led tv screen down by circles gently in the dirt available.
Avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly on led tv screen because it leads to short circuit or damage the polarizer sheet in television.
In future you will face some faults due to direct spraying in led tv screen, such as

Led tv circuit fault
Lines on screen fault
Double image display fault
Vertical shaking picture fault
No video fault
Negative image fault
Dull image fault
Use buds or cotton swab for corner places in led tv screen to clean safely.

Important Tips while cleansing to avoid led TV faults

After cleaning the led tv screen finely (i.e.) without any dirt, spot, smudges, and fingerprints, as liquid crystal display technology is used in screen manufacturing,
allow to dry minimum 15 minutes. Make sure television dry completely.
Before you switch on the tv, watch it in various angels whether you can see any fingerprints or wet spots.
Verify that no wet spots appear. As a result of wet spots, you get glare while watching TV.
Now plug the tv cable and switch on your beloved product. Watch whether all done clear.
Don’t use water to clean led tv screen, since it enters into the TV panel and cause some panel fault.
Never press the screen with hands while cleaning, it could also damage the panel.
Note: Led tv panel cost will be charged up to 50% of Led tv cost.
To maintain cleaning in a gentle and soft meteorology to clean led tv screen (eg: eyeglass cleaning) to protect your led tv screen from faults.


Use a quality led TV cleaner solution. Never use window cleaner, paint thinner, soap, fabric softer, etc., to clean led tv screen.
Use Microfiber cloth or lint-free cloth. Don’t use rough cloth, tissues or towels which may scratch or put stripes on led tv screen.
Avoid using nails to remove dirt, this causes scratches on the tv screen.
Hence, from this article hope you understand about how to clean the LED TV screen step by step safely. For more information, service suggestions,
and useful tips regarding LED TV SERVICES and LED TV SALES click here.