In this blog, we come to know how to secure led tv, your television can get fault due to some reasons. Due to lightning, moisture, voltage fluctuation, damage from kids,
etc. Now we can see the above things in detail below as follows.

Guard led tv from lightening

This lightening problem occurs in the rainy season often. Lightening will affect the Television in two ways.
One by Electricity line and other by signal path. We have to save our product from both the EB line and the signal path.
Disconnect the main power cable from the plug point, so we can secure the device from lightening.
Unplug the signal cables from the set-top box to television.
Also need to disconnect all the input and output source in the device to prevent led tv.

Secure led tv from moisture

how to protect led tv
Moisture is created in the atmosphere like a pond, open drainage, seawater,etc., in these area televisions, get high chances of getting moisture faults.
Because of the stagnate water via air, it gets moisture.
To avoid this condition clean your product once in fifteen days. Using a soft cloth or some soft tools.
After watching TV leave for fifteen minutes because its heat dissipates. Now cover the device with a fine cloth to safe from moisture to safeguard led tv.

Prevent led tv from Voltage Fluctuation

how to protect led tv
This Voltage fluctuation may lead to damage to internal power supply circuits. Here in LED TV most of the components are expensive so safe your device from this fault.
Connect the branded suitable voltage stabilizer to help from Voltage fluctuation.
When you notice any voltage problem in household electrical items like light, fan, etc. switch off the device and unplug it to prevent led tv.

Damage From kids

how to protect led tv
This precaution is most advisable for the parents of children below 10 years.
If children throw any obstacles on TV, keep a hand on the device, pour water leads to the panel fault.
To change this panel it will cost a minimum of seven thousand for any model.
To neglect this fault, Use a screen guard to protect led tv.
When you are in some other work, have an eye on your kids make sure you do not touch and play near it.
Follow the above steps properly to save your LED TV from fault which will make your product in good condition. For further information, click here Led tv service support and suggestions.