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MI LED TV Common Complaints

Some of Your MI Television General faults

No Power or Won't Turn On

Due to a faulty power supply board or a blown fuse and a faulty power button can prevent the TV from turning…

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No Display or Blank Screen

HDMI or other video cables might be loose, damaged, or not connected properly. The display panel may be faulty…

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No Sound or Audio Issues

Check if the TV is muted or if the volume is set too low. Ensure that the correct audio source and settings are selected

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Wi-Fi and Connectivity

Ensure that the network settings, including SSID and password, are correctly configured. An unstable connection can

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Display Lines On Screen

If the cable is damaged, replace it. If the lines persist, it might be an issue with the TV’s display panel or a backlight problem 

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Deepan Juckler

Mohammad sir came and fixed it smoothly, He was highly skilled, The issue was resolved fastly and cleanly, Above all, if you are looking for a best TV service, U are on the right place

karthick rajan

My TV no video complaint I booked service for Repairz service center, Technician came and changed the backlight for my home. TV-ready within an hour Good Work.

How To Clean Led Lcd Tv display

This blog helps you to know how to clean your led tv screen simply with the following instructions without harming the led tv screen. Usually, Electronics product gets dust, oil, etc., after some days of usage while in tv product we get dirt, moist, smudges,…

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How To Protect Led Television 

In this blog, we come to know how to secure led tv, your television can get fault due to some reasons. Due to lightning, moisture, voltage fluctuation, damage from kids, etc. Now we can see the above things in detail below as follows. The guard led the tv from lightening This…


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